Dec 5, 2011

In which I do strange things to my hair. Yet again.

Well, it's that time of the year again, where I get bored with my hair. It's grown a bit since my last mucking about, and I am happy to report that henna has made my hair stronger, and healthier and that I don't need a haircut yet (it's been over 6 months since my last one, and my ends are still virtually split-free). So, yay henna!
But I got bored.
Luckily, the smart ladies at the Long Hair Community know a little bit about everything, and a lot about something called Honey hair lightening.

So, here we go.

This is my hair on the morning (well, noon) of the lightening. Pretty dark still if you ask me:

And this… is the mixture of honey, cinnamon and distilled water that is supposed to do awesome things to my hair. We shall see..

For a while I had planned on giving you photos of the whole process, including the state of my bathroom, but since that would be rather useless without the whole experience, I gave up on it.
After I had washed my hair with the worst cheap-o shampoo I could find (my hair felt like wet straw after it), with the logic that it will make honey and cinnamon get in deeper, I put a bowl into the tub, and just poured the mixture over my head several times, until all of it was more or less in the hair and not in the bowl.
And that is when the fun started.
To say it dripped is an understatement. It seemed to try to get everywhere, mostly away from my hair via my face while I was oppressing it’s sweet-cinnamon-y freedom with the cling-wrap of.. err.. oppression.
I wrapped it frantically around my head, until at one point I had the vile mixture in my ears. This was soon fixed and I wrapped a large towel around my head and surveyed the state of the bathroom. Cinnamon-y drips and drops everywhere, everything feels sticky to the touch (mostly me) and above all, everything smells of cinnamon.
My head makes squishy noises if I poke it and I am sticky, oh so very sticky. My knees are sticky, my nose is sticky, and for some reason, my keyboard is showing signs of stickiness.  And there is still an hour or so to go before I rinse it out and see if anything interesting happened. 


After this whole ordeal, I am glad to admit, it was kind of worth it. 
This is what it looked like after my first Honey treatment:

And this after the second: 
I wouldn't usually post such a bad, blurry picture, but this one was taken on a cloudy day, and you can still see how much shiny the hair is, and how silky it looks. 

Not to mention that I smell of honey and cinnamon.

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Amber said...

Well, it looks gorgeous, and super-shiny, so I'd say definitely worth it!

I'm actually fascinated by your henna experience, too, because I've been considering trying it for a while now - the thought of the mess, and all of the fussing around that seems to come with it has always put me off, but the results always seem to be good, so I should probably just bite the bullet!