Jan 16, 2012

Dark Dance Fashion Show

Hello everyone!

This time I won't be telling you about shoes or trinkets or that perfect item of clothing. This time, it's a bit different.

Back in the 80's, the now legendary club Jabuka (where I worked for a while in my college days), hosted a party for those darkly inclined.  The party itself was short-lived, but it spawned many other parties, some of which survive to this day.
A little while ago, I got an invitation from Azdaja Boutique to wear their fashion show, as a part of the Dark Dance revival party.
Naturally, I was thrilled, and said yes.

So this Friday (the 13th), I got a chance to strut on a stage wearing one of my favs from the new corset collection, listen to great old school goth music played by fantastic DJ's and meet a whole mess of my friends again.

This is what the outside of the club looked like:

And a detail from one of the tables outside:

You can see the atmosphere backstage was great:

(that's me in the upper left corner, my hair is a mixture of green, black, turquoise and cherry now... what can I say, I got bored)

And it was fun to be on the stage again, after over a year.
Here are a few more photos of you to enjoy :

And here is the wonderful red-headed designer herself, with the mind-bogglingly talented writer (and one of the evening's DJs) Rujana Jeger

All the photos were taken by Matija Pecek. I think he did a great job, don't you? 

You can also see all the photos from the show here.

And the video is now on Youtube

I wanted to imbed it, but blogger is being weird for some reason.
I hope you will enjoy it at least half as much as I did.


Štikle.net said...

Nice photos, great to know you enjoyed the show!

Zdravlje said...

Nice dress! :-)

Moda said...

Nice, I really like it!